samedi 21 mars 2009

Venezia Sweater

About one year Ago, I finished to knit the famous Venezia Sweater.

The stranded knitting was a dream, but all these yarn to darn in end BEURK....

It takes me one year to finish it, but now I'm really proud of it :

Venezia finished

  • Yarn : some blue and green Knitty by Bernetta Wolle
  • Needles ¨: 3.5 and 3 mm

  • Pattern : Venezia Pullover

And now I'm really happy with it.....

I try to finish my Kinsale, from Alice Starmore (

You can find a picture here from Kinsale's Wendy.
She has a very fabulous and interesting blog.

A bientôt

See you soon