jeudi 6 mai 2010

52 Pair Plunge III ::: FINISHED


Today, I’ve just finished the last pair of socks for this really big project:

Here are the Ndizi Socks, # 52/52


Ndizi socks finished


And a close up:

Ndizi close-up

All details on my  Ndizi Socks project page on Ravelry.

It was really a great fun trying to knit 52 pair of socks in one year, and I’m proud to have finished in time. But as DH said to me quite one year ago:

“I know you’ll reach the goal if you want! But the question will be : Do you really want to knit mostly socks during one year?”

Now, I know the answer, I want to knit what I want and when I want :-)


See you soon