jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Fingerless Mittens and ……. Snow !

This evening, the winter is here ! First snow of November, no matter Clignement d'œil.

25-11-2010 first Snow

I’m just ready :

I’ve knitted several pair of fingerless mittens and here are some close-up :

Alix mittens - close-up

Azurine mittens - close-up 

Baikka mittens - close-up

Bellablue mittens - close-up

Leontine mittens - close-up

Victorine - close-up 1

Now, just have to finish writing patterns, or maybe knit another pair or some scarves or maybe some hatsAnge, Oh just to destash…….Clignement d'œil

Wish you an happy day full of knitting

Bien à vous