mardi 26 octobre 2010

Sliding loop : an easy way to begin granny square!


The double sliding loop is my favorite way to begin a granny square. I find this method fabulous as I can make the beginning ring the size I want.

I worked it with a double ring as I find it more safe and easier to weave in end the tails. And here is a tutorial just to share with you my way to work :

1. Wrap your yarn 3 times around your finger

Sliding loop 1

2. Insert  hook into 3 rings

Sliding loop 2

3. Pull the working end of yarn through the rings

Sliding loop 3

Sliding loop 4

4. Work a yarn over with the working end of yarn

Sliding loop 5

6.And pull it through the loop on the hook

Sliding loop 6

Sliding loop 7

Sliding loop 8

8. Work the first round as indicated in the pattern and at the end of round pull the first tail to close the ring

Sliding loop close 1

9.Then pull the second tail to close the ring

Sliding loop close 2

10. Finally close your round with a slip stitch as indicated in your pattern

Sliding loop close 3

Hope you find this helpful Sourire

Happy crocheting

Bien à vous