samedi 30 juillet 2011

I’m still here…

……But not a lot on the web planet …..
Hello to all Sourire, hope everything is as nice in your home as in mine !
I’m still knitting …
shawlettes, sweater, tees and have much more ideas than time to realize them, but this seems to be one of the major problem in the crafty planet Clignement d'œil.
But this year I have discovered a new and funny activity, I’m totally absorbed with my garden, cause I decided to cultivate not only flowers and berries but also some vegetables too :
Wild strawberry
Very, very, very busy, don’t I? Rire
I also saved a bat, who was attacked by small birds:
Rescued bat
And as usually, my beloved kitty Miss Soquette, have helped me so much Clignement d'œil
Miss Soso helping me
Very busy, ahem! I’ve even found some time to knit, write and publish some pattern in my Ravelry store. 
Here are so far some pictures of my WIP*, currently laying in my knitting bag…….
Ancolie shawlette (yarn: Zauberball)
Ancolie shawl - begin
Bleu  (yarn: bio cotton by Coop)
 Bleu top - stitch
Jeans Sweater (yarn: Jeany)
Jeans sweater
Sarina Jacket (yarn : Jeany)
Sarina jacket
And after this veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooooooooooong post, if you are still here I want to wish you a very nice week and want to thank everyone, who stopped here and say hello !
Happy knitting
*WIP : Work In progress