samedi 29 mai 2010

Simple Crossed cast on Method

Simple Crossed cast on
This special cast on is my adaptation from the “montage croisé formant une chaîne” (Cast on crossed making a chain) explained by Thérèse de Dillmont in her book Encyclopédie des ouvrages de Dames. This cast on is worked quite in the same way as the continental cast on. It gives a nice, decorative and stretchy border that bundle the stitches two-by-two.
Make a slip knot and then work 1st st holding the yarn from the ball over your finger and the end tail of yarn placed from the inside of your palm around your thumb:

1. Insert needle under the loop around your thumb
Crossed cast on
2. Pull up a loop from the finger yarn
Crossed cast on
3. Pass it through the thumb loop
Crossed cast on
4. Remove the loop from the thumb
Crossed cast on
Work the 2nd stitch as follows:
5. Place the end tail of yarn around your thumb from the outside of your palm
Crossed cast on
6. Insert needle through the back loop around your thumb
Crossed cast on
Crossed cast on
7. Pull up a loop from the finger yarn
Crossed cast on
8. Pass it through the thumb loop
Crossed cast on
9. Remove the loop from the thumb
Crossed cast on
10. Repeat from step 1 to 10
Crossed cast on

See you soon

mercredi 12 mai 2010

Solid Socks May/June 2010 Mystery : New sock beginning

The Solid Sock Group forum has its mystery socks too, and as you know y’all, I love mystery socks. So this month, the pattern has been designed by Redtiger.

She has designed some lovely cabled socks and she is blogging here. When I saw her design, I couldn’t resist and have casted on a second mystery pair of socks :


SS May 10 - leg

I’ve just finished clue 1 and 2 on the first sock, the cable is fantastic and I really enjoy knitting it. In the first time I thought that the leg will be too big with about 80 stitches for the leg, worked with needle 2.75 mm, so I’ve decided to go down to 2.5 mm needle for a better fit, and the cables are doing their job with perfection, the leg is perfect for me.

So now let’s go on the second sock….

Happy knitting to y’all :)

see you soon


mardi 11 mai 2010

MAY 2010 SKA Mystery Sock by Cookie A.

This past week-end, as it was so rainy, I worked on the second clue of  the MAY 2010 SKA Mystery Sock by Cookie A. My Mystery Socks ‘s progress:

SKAMAY10 - leg

I’ve had a lot of pleasure knitting all these twisted stitches; the leg pattern asks for one more repeat, but I didn’t worked it, otherwise they would have been too high and I couldn’t pass my calf through them. I’ve started the Smallest size and at this point they fit perfectly.

Now I wait on the 3rd clue, which will be available  next Saturday. I delighted to see how she has designed the heel and the instep.

See you soon

In the meantime, happy knitting to all :)


PS A big thank you for all your nice comments, unfortunately I don’t have your e-mail to answer you personally (I’ve tried to find this on Blogger and don’t know how to!)

jeudi 6 mai 2010

52 Pair Plunge III ::: FINISHED


Today, I’ve just finished the last pair of socks for this really big project:

Here are the Ndizi Socks, # 52/52


Ndizi socks finished


And a close up:

Ndizi close-up

All details on my  Ndizi Socks project page on Ravelry.

It was really a great fun trying to knit 52 pair of socks in one year, and I’m proud to have finished in time. But as DH said to me quite one year ago:

“I know you’ll reach the goal if you want! But the question will be : Do you really want to knit mostly socks during one year?”

Now, I know the answer, I want to knit what I want and when I want :-)


See you soon


lundi 3 mai 2010

May 2010 SKA Mystery Socks designed by Cookie

Ce mois-ci, le modèle mystère a été créé par une talentueuse designer Cookie, pour le Groupe Sock Knitters Anonymous.

Le résultat après le premier indice:

SKAMAY10 - cuff

Les May 2010 SKA Mystery Socks en détail.

Prochain indice samedi prochain.

A bientôt

See you soon


dimanche 2 mai 2010

Belle Vitini – 52 Pair Plunge III # 51 finished

Commencées ici, terminées juste à temps pour le challenge du groupe  Sock Knitters Anonymous:

SKAMAR10- finished

Les  Belle Vitini en détail



A bientôt

See you soon