vendredi 9 juillet 2010

Tsavo sleeveless Tee : a walk to Africa


'Afternoon !


When I began to knit with this yarn, I really didn't know, what it will become, a tee or a sleeveless jacket and didn't know what kind of stitch will be very nice.


The only thing I knew was that this yarn remind me the Tsavo National Park in Kenya. After trying a few stitches pattern,

I finally decided to use some structured stitch and a special construction for this tee.

I first knitted the upper body, 2 rectangles with a structured stitch definition:


Tsavo sleeve


Then, I picked-up stitches and casted-on a few stitches for the front and back opening and join for working in the round. (Yes, you all know I hate sewing my knitting !).

The problem at this point was to give a shape for the body, as if I had continued with the structured stitch it would have been too much rigid for the body and

would have hung lamentably. I wanted a fitted tee, so I've decided to work a simply k2, p2 ribbing.


Tsavo body


And today, I finally finished my hybrid tee, after kilometer of k2, p2 ribbing.....

Just have to find a lovely photographer to take some pictures.

Now back to Yvrose, the yoke is finished, body is joined for working in the round and I have quite finished it.

See you soon and happy knitting