mardi 4 janvier 2011

Sock Yarn Left-over : Idea to use them. Part I

With the new year often comes news resolutions, but, I usually don’t take any resolutions, as it seems I never can follow themClignement d'œil. But this year, I decided to stash down my sock left-over yarns, as I cannot keep the left-over box closed !

The January Sock Knitter Anonymous group  challenge is to knit a pair of sock using :

  • Technique: Mosaic and/or slipped stitches or
  • Designer: Janel Laidman or
  • Mystery Sock designed by me

Of course as I designed the Mystery sock and already have knitted them, I have to chose between the technique and the designer.

Janel Laidman, has a lot of lovely patterns, but I don’t own any of her book, so the choice will be the technique.

After looking in the January thread of the SKA, I just see a lovely pattern :

Cranberry Biscotti Socks from Sweet Paprika Designs

I had already knitted them once in 2008, but using a self striping yarn and work the slip stitches part when there was a color change.



This time, I follow (quite) the pattern Clignement d'œil. Pick-up 3 differents yarns :

Fruity biscotti yarn choice

Cast-on 64 stitches and begin my fruity biscotti :

Fruity biscotti sock finished

A close-up of the color change :

Fruity biscotti close-up

And of the heel, I modified , but just a little :

Right side

Fruity biscotti heel Right side

Wrong side

Fruity biscotti heel wrong side

This was a try to have another heel, and I really like the wrong side.

Now the second one is already on the needles and quite finished.

And I’ll continue my search to find some pattern which use sock yarn left-over.

See you soon

Bien à vous