jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Azurine–Baikka–Leontine : Fingerless mittens knitting pattern

A few days ago, I just was talking about snow and Fingerless mittens. The snow has gone away but it is still frozing here and these are finished and patterns are published Rire.

Azurine fingerless mittens 

Azurine mittens - montage

Pattern link

Baikka fingerless mittens 

Baikka mittens - montage

Pattern link

Leontine Fingerless mittens

Leontine mittens - montage

Pattern link

After covering my hands, I have to protect my ears from cold weather Clignement d'œil.

Just finished a hat and two tams:

Baikka hat

Baikka hat - montage


Teoline beret

Teoline tam - montage

Violinetta beret

Violettina beret - montage

Now, just working on some socks in a shiny color, just to keep the bad weather out of my home:

Orangeraie Socks - close-up

For these, I just knit a lot of twisted stitches and I love them Sourire.

In the next days, I’ll cast-on for some sweaters, the yarn has arrived this morning in a lovely box!

Wish you a wonderful day Envoyer un baiser and happy knitting and crocheting !

See you soon, bien à Vous