jeudi 8 juillet 2010

Socks progress report


'Morning :)

Today, we'll talk about fish, a lot of fish!


Fish - skajul10


No, no, no I'm not a fisherman  fisherwoman,

and it's not one of my favorite activities.....

but I've seen a lot of them just swimming around and around..

to the North and then to the South,

finally they are so pleased with me, they decided to stay here just for me:


fish close-up


And swim around my leg :)


skajul10 - clue 2 close-up


Yesterday, we were walking in a flowered garden,


flower - skajul10


the promise of a nice begin for the Party!


flowers - close-up


And today we arrived near the swimming pool.....

I wonder where we'll go the next clue time ;-)

Thank you Chrissy  and let's the the party go on!

See you soon and happy knitting