mercredi 12 mai 2010

Solid Socks May/June 2010 Mystery : New sock beginning

The Solid Sock Group forum has its mystery socks too, and as you know y’all, I love mystery socks. So this month, the pattern has been designed by Redtiger.

She has designed some lovely cabled socks and she is blogging here. When I saw her design, I couldn’t resist and have casted on a second mystery pair of socks :


SS May 10 - leg

I’ve just finished clue 1 and 2 on the first sock, the cable is fantastic and I really enjoy knitting it. In the first time I thought that the leg will be too big with about 80 stitches for the leg, worked with needle 2.75 mm, so I’ve decided to go down to 2.5 mm needle for a better fit, and the cables are doing their job with perfection, the leg is perfect for me.

So now let’s go on the second sock….

Happy knitting to y’all :)

see you soon