vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Crocheted potholder: how to work a hanger without sewing

Well, as you all know, I hate taking my sewing needle and sew by hand,
(I have a nice sewing machine to do this Clignement d'œil)
so everytime I try to work without sewing !
As you, I have to hang my potholder and I have found a way to create one hanger when I was working on the border of my third granny carré soleil.
For this one, I have used the same yarn, but worked it with 4 colors to finish my left-over from the Grandala pochette.

carré soleil 3 montage
Sorry I don’t have had the time to block it before taking some pictures, as I need it urgently in my kitchen Ange

When I was finishing it I took some pictures to show you how I have worked the border:

Carré soleil 3 - begin border
Carré soleil 3 - begin border (2)
Carré soleil 3 - corner
Continue working as shown until the last corner, finish with dc4 and a slip stitch in the top of beginning 3 chain. Don’t break the yarn and work the hanger as shown:
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 1
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 2
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 3
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 4
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 5
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 6
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 7
Carré soleil 3 - crochet 8
Break yarn and wave in ends.
Et voilà Sourire

Hope you’ll find this helpfull.
Happy crocheting
Bien à vous