jeudi 24 février 2011

Granny floral :: the story continue…

As I’ve said in my last post, I’ve continued to explore other shapes for my granny floral.

I’ve first tried the round shape :

Granny floral round (4)

I’ve worked a second one and closed them together with a single crochet round to have a cedar wood sachet to protect my little Embarrassé stash of yarn!

Granny floral round - cèdre wood (2)

The round shape is worked with Merino wool (120m/50g) and a 4.5 mm crochet hook. It is nice too, but I’ve tried to joined them flat and don’t like the result, as there was a hole between the granny. So I’ll try an hexagon for my Spring bag.

Thank you for visiting me ! It always makes me happy to see you here around Sourire.

Happy crocheting

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Suz a dit…

Hi Stefanini
Would love to add you to THE FLOWER BED but need your e-mail address to authorize you so you can post on the CAL
I'm going off line for now so try mailing Hazel or Rachael or l'll add you later when l get back on the computer
Hugs Suz x

Unknown a dit…

Une bien belle réalisation dans des teintes chaudes que j'aime beaucoup.
J'ai vu le tuto chez Attic 24, mais à vrai dire, je l'ai laissé de côté car j'ai du mal avec l'anglais : est ce qu'il existe une traduction en français ?
Merci par avance pour votre réponse

Unknown a dit…

Oups je ne sais pas pourquoi, j'apparais en anonyme ?

Unknown a dit…

Nouvel essai